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Corrections spokeswoman Brooke Santina said the execution would remain effectively postponed for at least that long. In its lawsuit on Tuesday, privately held Alvogen said use of its product midazolam for an execution would cause “irreparable injury” to “its reputation and its goodwill.” Scott Raymond Dozier appears in a photo provided by the Nevada Department of Corrections, July 11, 2018. Nevada Department of Corrections/Handout via REUTERS Nevada corrections officials revised their lethal injection protocol last week, saying they were switching to midazolam to replace expired prison supplies of another sedative, diazepam. Midazolam, which the World Health Organization counts on its list of essential medicines, has nevertheless been implicated in a number of botched executions in other states. The sedative aims to render the inmate unconscious before administration of the synthetic opioid fentanyl, and then the paralytic agent cisatracurium. Dozier had already suspended any further appeals of his conviction or death sentence, according to court documents, and has said he can no longer bear life behind bars. “Life in prison isn’t a life,” he was quoted as saying in a Las Vegas Review-Journal interview published on Sunday. “If people say they’re going to kill me, get to it.” His lawyer, Thomas Ericsson, told the newspaper last week he knew of no outside entities that could step in and halt the execution. Attorney Scott Coffee, a death penalty expert, was quoted as calling the Dozier case “state-assisted suicide.” Dozier was convicted in 2007 of the murder of Jeremiah Miller, who was robbed and shot to death in 2002 after traveling to Las Vegas, where Dozier had promised to help him obtain drugs to make methamphetamine.
The internet is just for gambling and porn. (1995)People will never trust a website with their creditcard. (1997)Bitcoin is just a tool for criminals and tax evaders. (2015)Ethereum is only good for scam coins and ponzi schemes. (2018)-Baz Viewe

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